Elk Horn Varsity Vision

Trapper Trails Council * Varsity Vision * Elk Horn District
May 19-20 2017
Camp Hunt - 2000 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City Ut 84028
Why Attend Varsity Vision Camp?
Varsity Vision training provides a “hands on” experience for both
the adult leaders and VS youth. You will learn how to form, plan
and execute Team Meetings and develop Program Events.
• The values of Scouting are taught, used and reinforced
• The overnight experience gets you away from distractions
• Youth and Adult Leadership both learn their proper roles
• Fun. Fun. Fun. Hands on learning makes it Fun
• Take home skills for Team Leadership and Team Program
Items to bring: Tents, Sleeping Bag, Personal Hygiene kit, Flashlight,
appropriate clothing, uniform suggested, Varsity Scout Guidebook
Check-in begins Friday at 5:00 – Leave for home around 2:00 Sat.
$12.00 per person pre-registration covers all meals and supplies.
$17.00 per person if registering upon check-in.
* Qualifies as Varsity Leader Specific Training.
*This course is designed for the young men to attend with their adult leaders.
Coaches, bring as many boys as possible!
Questions? Contact Karl Nieman 435-760-0736 jknieman@gmail.com

Take to Scout Office or register on line
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