Day Camp Registration

To create a NEW registration:

  • Go to, click on “camps”,
  • Click on desired "camp", (Kiesel, Fife or Traveling Day Camp). You will then see a list of all days. To register for a day, click on the “register” button to the right. If there is no “register now” button then the day is full.
  • Create a new account. Your Event or Facilities is: the name of your camp. Under “Account Type” choose “unit” and specify “Pack”. For Activity Days “Account Type” is “nonprofit” add Ward name. Enter personal information. Create your own user ID and password. Verify new log in through your email as directed.
  • Logins are created according to pack number not names. If you cannot log in, or get a message- your pack number already has a log in, contact the council camp desk to verify your log in, Go through the steps to register. Be sure to pay the required deposit with a credit card in order to save registration. If you need to make your reservation with a tender card or check, contact the camp desk to make that reservation.  If unsure of your user ID, contact the council's camp desk.

To EDIT your registration or make payments:

  • Login to your account. The login button is at the top right of the Trapper Trails main page. It will ask for your User ID (it is usually-but not always- your full email address associated with the registration) If you do not know your User ID or password, contact the council camp desk, or 801-479-5460. If you are not the leader who made the original registration, contact the council camp desk.
  • Once you log in, you will see an “Events & Facilities” column to the left. Your registration will be highlighted under the camp name.
  • Click on the actual registration to access that registration. You will see all information here.
  • To change participant numbers, Click “Change Registration” Be sure to save and then go to “Check Out” and “Submit Your Order” to finalize. Be sure your numbers are correct at least 24 hours before camp date.
  • To make payment, click “Add Payment” enter amount paying. Then “Add Payment” again. Click on the “Cart” button at the top to enter CC number and “Submit Your Order” to finalize. You will receive a receipt to your email.

**Be sure your numbers are adjusted correctly before you go to camp! You have up to 24 hours before camp to make those last minute changes.