Trainer's EDGE

Leadership training is a major part of Scouting, and this revised training will teach trainers how to conduct an effective training session. This course includes an opportunity to prepare and practice a presentation and demonstrate new skills. This course will be especially useful for those serving on the training staffs of Wood Badge, NYLT, and leader-specific training.


  • Youth Trainers for NYLT, Venturing, Roundtable, OA, and Summer Camp
  • District Trainers in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing
  • Council Trainers for Wood Badge, NYLT, and all other trainings.
  • Commissioners: Unit, District, Assistant District, and Roundtable
  • Any Scout Leader who wants to learn to communicate, and teach better!

To clarify, an adult is any leader or trainer that is 21 years old or over. A youth is a leader or trainer between 14 and 21 years of age, regardless of the program they are involved in. Boy Scouts should hold the rank of 1st Class or higher.

Learning Objectives

  • How and why we train leaders-and how to do it effectively.
  • What's important about communication?
  • How to plan a training.
  • Characteristics of a good trainer.
  • What kind of arrangements do you need to make.
  • What kind of technology works best in any given situation?
  • The latest in training methods.
  • Use of reflection and feed back.
  • How to get that EDGE into all we do!

Participant Presentation

Please prepare an 8- to 10-minute presentation on a topic from any BSA material (the staff recommends Tenderfoot to First Class skills, but you can choose from any BSA material). Your presentation should allow you to demonstrate the skills of a trainer. You will present to a small group of between 4-7 participants who will give you constructive feedback. You may use any visual aids you choose (posters, flipbooks, chalkboard/whiteboard, etc.). If you choose to show slides or any other media on a computer and projector, you will need to provide your own equipment. We recommend that you keep it simple and make it fun.

Register for Trainers EDGE

Location for both classes are at LDS church on 2505 N Church Street, Layton, UT 84040