Order of the Arrow Forms

Adult Candidate Recommendation

Annually, each troop can recommend 1 adult.  The adult is recommended by the unit committee OR district/council committee to the Lodge.

Selection of an adult is not recognition of service, but upon abiltity to perform functions to assist the Order of the Arrow and the Boy Scouts of America. 

Brotherhood Candidate Form

This letter is to be completed PRIOR to arrival at the Brotherhood ceremony by the candidate.  

Coup Shield Award

The Coup Shield Award recognizes Arrowmen who have made a great contribution to their Chapter or to the Lodge through "quiet" service by not drawing attention to themselves.

Founders Award

This award honors Arrowmen who give outstanding service to the Lodge, recognizing their efforts demonstrated towards his/her fellow Arrowmen and that he/she memorializes in his/her everyday life the spirit of achievment as described by the founders of the Order of the Arrow.

Spirit of the Earth Award

This award is given to someone who has provided consistency to the program by continued activity over a period of at least 20 years.

Vigil Honor

This honor is reserved for members of the Order of the Arrow who have made distinguished contributions to the Order and Scouting in general and have exhibited: exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest. A nominee must have been a brotherhood member of the OA for at least two years.