Council Recognition Evening

Award Recipients

You are cordially invited to the Council's annual Recognition Evening on February 8, 2019 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm at Box Elder High School's auditorium (380 South 600 West, Brigham City, UT 84302).

All are welcome to attend.  There is no cost to attend this event.

Silver Beaver Recipients   Venturing Leadership Award
Wallace   Addison Snow Horse   Rick Larkin Elk Horn
Trent   Alvord Mountain View Kimberly Rimington Snow Horse
Shanae   Ames Elk Horn        
Todd   Andreasen Elk Horn   Whitney M Young Award
Mark   Baxter Snow Horse   Gregory Toone Golden Spike
Kelly   Bennett Golden Spike      
Douglas   Broadbent Mountain View Vale la Pena! Award
Brent   Butler Bird Haven   Kenneth Jeppesen Snow Horse
Lee   Carlton Francis Peak        
David   Ewell Bird Haven   Torch of Gold Award
Richard   Fairbanks, II Mountain View Roger Heslop Lakeview
Lynne   Gabrish Old Juniper        
James   Hall Arrowhead   Alumnus of the Year Award
Stephen   Handy Snow Horse   Ange' Workman Mount Ogden
Gregg   Hansen Francis Peak        
Isaac   Hoffman Francis Peak        
John   Jensen Francis Peak        
Scott   Jensen Francis Peak        
Darrell   Johnson Arrowhead        
Harold   Johnson Francis Peak        
Dawn   LaFleur Arrowhead        
Brian   Lundberg Old Juniper        
John   Matson Elk Horn        
Danny   McMillan Arrowhead        
Amber   Nieman Elk Horn        
Lane   Oberg Bonneville Shores      
Richard   Olsen Francis Peak        
Robert   Packer Arrowhead        
Lee   Perry Bird Haven        
Laura   Peterson Elk Horn        
Rich   Price Arrowhead        
Larry   Savage Lakeview        
Kevin   Speth Arrowhead        
David   Stone Lakeview        
Richard   Szymanski Arrowhead        
Patrick   Valdez Weber View        
Bern   Vetter Bonneville Shores      
Craig   Warren Old Juniper        
Andreas   Wesemann Old Juniper        
Jennifer   Whelan Elk Horn