Our Journey Forward

For more than a century, Boy Scouts of America and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have worked together to instill character, citizenship and fitness in young people. Through the Church of Jesus Christ, millions of young people have been part of the Scouting adventure. For those families, Scouting is more than an activity – it’s a legacy. As of December 31, 2019, the formal partnership with the Church will come to an end, but your Scouting journey can continue!

This page will provide the latest tools and updates as you and your family transition to other Scouting units so they can continue the Scouting journey!

Can my family continue in Scouting?

Parent and leader Liz Miller, from Riverdale, talks about the connection Scouting provides with her children, her family and community. Her message highlights the value and impact of Scouting on the lives of families and why she’s continuing with Scouting past December 2019.

Charles Dahlquist discusses changes to the relationship between the BSA and the Church of Jesus Christ and how Scouting families will be continuing with Scouting.



Questions & Answers



Can my son continue in Scouting?

Yes! There are Cub Scout packs, Scout troops, Venturing crews and Sea Scout ships chartered by community and religious organizations in your area. Fnd a unit near you – or start one of your own!

Can we be involved in both Church and Scouting activities?

Of course! In fact, the Tufts study found that sports and Scouting are a powerful driver of character development in young people. Additionally, the Baylor study “Merit Beyond the Badge” showed that Eagle Scouts had a greater connection to religious community.

Is Family Scouting available to us?

Yes! Scouting has always been a family activity. In fact, Cub Scouting now of­fers separate dens for girls and boys, and Scouting-age youth will have opportunities in single-gender troops.

Why should I continue?

Since the Scouting values, character and leadership training you have come to know are now available for your entire family, Scouting can continue to prepare your child to do hard things, set goals, earn the Eagle rank, prepare for a mission and serve our nation.

How can I help? Can I still serve?

You can serve as a leader, help with training, organize a new unit. And above all, remind people that the Scouting adventure continues!

How can I find a new unit to join?

Call (801) 479-5460, or find a local unit on BeAScout.org